Hårda Tider // Milisi Kecoa

by Hårda Tider

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Split with Milisi Kecoa released for our tour of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Released in 1000 copies by a bunch of SE Asian labels.


released December 15, 2012



all rights reserved


Hårda Tider Sweden

Started out in 2007 and are still doing the only thing kinda know how to do; play the fucking songs. For the love of DIY punk and hardcore. Come to our shows and pogo, mosh or whatever you fancy. ACAB // FTP.

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Track Name: Aroma keringat
Sesuatu yang banggakan.
Aku mejadi bagian dari sesatu yang membuatku hidup

Scene pride

Adrenalin, aroma keringat, Anti Cimex, Totalitär, Snobbslakt

Scene pride

Crime City Hardcore

Sesuatu yang banggakan.Sesuatu yang layak untuk dibela sampai mati.
Track Name: Medan vi faller
Hatet och minnen som aldrig försvinner, mörkret som etsat sig fast i det inre.
Overwhelmed with hate, get out of the way.

Fuck hela skiten fuck allihop fuck the world and fuck you

Samhället ruttnar snutarna plockar, folket mår dåligt och knarket lockar.
Boiling hate, get the fuck out of the way

Turn it up, jag har inte valt att bli så här
Bring the noise, jag har inte bett om något jag svär.
Turn it up, medans vi faller och hoppet försvinner.
Bring the noise, medans vi faller och bilarna brinner.
Track Name: Stormen
Eternal winter, there is no hope
there is no sun there's only war, in the horizon nagelfar
The sky is falling so hold your ground, just hold your ground
Keep the faith, keep on fighting 'til the dawn

Styr skeppet rakt mot stormens öga - Stay the course

The storm gets stronger, the fighting and the fallen friends
Never give in, ragnarök - the battle 'til the end
Turn fear to courage, sadness to rage
Hold your line - give them tears, give them sweat, blood and hate

Styr skeppet rakt mot stormens öga. Klamra fast, till attack
Håll ut. Give them tears, give them sweat, give them blood.
Give them blood tonight, hammer them with all your might
Give them tears, give them sweat, give them blood.
Track Name: The Clean Out
I thought that we were friends, I had your back
I thought that we were down, But you're a fucking rat.

Håll din käft ditt förbannade as - Get the fuck out

You threw away our friendship, but it was for the best
I'm cleaning up this shit from all the useless fakes

Backa, bära eller brista, hålla eller svika. Sanning eller lögn.

Trust is fucking earned. Var alltid lojala.
Stay fucking true, stand by your crew.

Traitor, turncoat. Take your fucking lies and shove them back down your throat.
Track Name: Scandinavian Jawbreakers (Anti Cimex)
Easy to find, stuck to the ground, bad vibrations around.

Scandinavian Jawbreaker

Not feeling too well - 'cause I'm born to raise hell!